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Media mentioned

Yaoi Paddle Kickstarter Faces Intellectual Property Dispute 

Satoshi Kon - Wikipedia

The Crow (1994 film) - Wikipedia

Tomie - Wikipedia

Russian Workout Routine Exercise Training with Bears, Preparing for Ukraine Invasion #Shorts 🐻💤 𝓦𝓞𝓦

Beowulf (2007) - IMDb

HBO Max Controversies Serve As A Reminder Of Why Physical Media Matters

Anam An Amhrain DVD – CartoonSaloon

The Secret of Kells - Wikipedia

Anime Clubs and Licensing : r/Libraries  

The Crow Comic Accompaniment by Trust Obey- "Fear And Bullets" (ETR078 | Enjoy The Ride Records

Anime mentioned

Sailor Moon - Wikipedia 

Pokémon (TV series) - Wikipedia 

Promare - Wikipedia

Ghost in the Shell - Wikipedia

FLCL - Wikipedia

Millennium Actress - Wikipedia

Studio Trigger - Wikipedia 

Kill la Kill - Wikipedia

Space Patrol Luluco - Wikipedia

Ranma ½ - Wikipedia

Ninja Scroll - Wikipedia

Akira (1988 film) - Wikipedia

Baki the Grappler - Wikipedia

Dragon Ball Z - Wikipedia 

Tottoi - Wikipedia 

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? - Wikipedia

Kengan Ashura - Wikipedia 

Anohana - Wikipedia 

Space Battleship Yamato - Wikipedia

Bleach (TV series) - Wikipedia

Ronin Warriors - Wikipedia

Samurai Pizza Cats - Wikipedia

Naruto - Wikipedia

Cowboy Bebop - Wikipedia

Samurai Champloo - Wikipedia

My Hero Academia - Wikipedia

Haikyu!! - Wikipedia

Laid-Back Camp - Wikipedia

Neon Genesis Evangelion (franchise) - Wikipedia 

Toradora! - Wikipedia

Studio Ghibli - Wikipedia

Revolutionary Girl Utena - Wikipedia

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