066 - The Manga Librarian

We’re talkin’ manga collections again! Ashley Hawkins comes on to talk about school libraries, manga collections, book challenges, and generally give us some reading recommendations!

Ashley Hawkins (@manga_librarian) / Twitter 

Manga Librarian

Guide to Graphic Novels in Libraries  

Manga Collection Development for Librarians: The Basics

School Librarians United with Amy Hermon: 141 Manga Librarian

Manga and Women: Buying Manga for School Libraries in the #MeToo Era

Media Referenced

Talk to My Back 

Berserk (manga) - Wikipedia 

Parents, school librarians concerned about repercussions as Missouri’s ban on ‘sexually explicit material’ law takes effect


Yen Press


Comics Plus

Sora + Public Library CONNECT

Witch Hat Atelier - Wikipedia

Cat + Gamer - Wikipedia

Boys Run the Riot - Wikipedia

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