This week we’re joined by Miriam Posner and Matthew Hannah to talk about digital humanities stuff! We talk about creating a Marxist political economy for DH, and what it means to do Radical DH. We mention map projections, labor issues, self identification, and why the Silent Hill III remake is bad.

Student collaborator bill of rights

Postdoctoral Laborers Bill of Rights | hc:26741 | Humanities CORE 

Levels of Digital Preservation (DLF) 

Do Better - Love(,) Us | Do Better Labor 

Links to Miriam’s Stuff

Miriam’s website


The Radical, Unrealized Potential of DH

How Did They Make That?

Bunch of tutorials (a lot of people use these in their teaching)

Why is it so hard to do digital humanities in the library?

On supply chains, etc.

See No Evil

The Software that Shapes Workers’ Lives

Breakpoints and Black Boxes: Information in Global Supply Chains

Links to Matthew’s Stuff

Matthew’s website

A Political Economy of Digital Humanities Vision Statement

A Political Economy of Digital Humanities: New Directions CFP for ACH 2021

On DH 

Inclusive Infrastructure: Digital Scholarship Centers and the Academic Library Liaison

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